10 Tips for Getting Organized This Spring

Spring has sprung! (finally!)  It’s a perfect time of year to start tackling your organizing projects and get your space in shape.  With that in mind, I wanted to share my Top 10 Tips for Getting Organized This Spring:


  • Start Early –  Begin the process sooner than later, avoid last minute scrambles and make the process more manageable and less stressful.
  • Start Small –  Approach it with little “bites” at a time.  Maybe start with just all the surfaces in a room today, and then tackle the drawers tomorrow. Consider setting a timer for 20 minutes and see how you do!
  • Start with the Easy Stuff –  Build your confidence and momentum by tackling the easy, sometimes less sentimental, stuff first.  Maybe the garage or kitchen pots & pans are easier for you than the boxes of photos.
  • Everything out to see what you have – The best way to understand exactly what you have, is to pull it all out into a pile. ALL the camping stuff needs to be considered in order for you to decide “do I keep all 9 sleeping bags, or only the best 3?”  You will be surprised what you have when you see it all together.
  • Live for today –  Keep what truly serves you & your life today. No need to warehouse things not being used from the past….or things that “maybe, someday, possibly, might” be used in the future.
  • Pay it forward –  Consider donating, recycling, or even gifting to others things that are not serving a purpose for you today.
  • Do some research –  Look into resources like donation organizations, junk/recycle companies, local electronics or shred days….things that will make the process easier and more efficient for you.
  • Enlist help –  Often times you can accomplish more with a partner than on your own. Consider a friend or relative who can hold you accountable, or go the route of a Professional Organizer who can get you better results faster and make the process feel less herculean.
  • Re-use and Re-purpose –  Organizing doesn’t have to be expensive buying loads of organizing products from Ikea or Container Store.  Think creatively.  Egg cartons can be used as jewelry organizers in your drawers. Inexpensive over the door shoe organizers can be used for crafts & markers in a play room.
  • Enjoy the process –  The process of culling and organizing doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Taking back control of your belongings and your space feels great! Smile at memories conjured up as you clear your space….it’s really about the memory/emotion/intention/gesture/experience ….it’s not about the thing.

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