10 Tips for Packing the Perfect Beach Bag!

It’s officially summer (finally) so let’s talk about some great tips to help you pack the perfect beach bag! There are some key essentials that, without, can make your beach outing a less than ideal experience.

  1. A great chair can be a real game changer! This one is from Whateverworks.com and has it all: a carrying strap, a cup holder, a leg rest, lumbar support cushion and my favorite…a cushioned cut-out for your face so lying face down is like lying on a massage table. Worth every penny!
  2. Zip lock bags! One to hold your cell phone (sand can ruin a phone), one to hold your sunscreen (a sticky, messy spill inside your bag can ruin your whole day), one for your personal care items (spf lip treatment, a wide tooth comb, deodorant, etc).
  3. Bring 2 large beach towels, one that can get wet or sandy and the other that stays dry on your beach chair. You’ll be happy you did!
  4. It cannot be overstated how important sunglasses (ideally polarized lenses) and a big squishy, floppy hat are. If you’re going to log some serious hours at the beach, you will appreciate the reprieve these 2 items can provide from the blazing sun.
  5. Same idea with a beach cover up. It’s a necessity to give shoulders and chest a break from the sun’s rays. Also, since most of us don’t have Giselle’s figure, gives just enough coverage when walking the beach or heading to the bathroom.
  6. Water shoes – – what a little gem to have in your bag! If the beach is a little rocky or has a bunch of icky seaweed at the shore line, you can traipse right along with confidence wearing your water shoes. I got a pair for next to nothing at the end of the season at Ocean State Job Lot!
  7. Don’t forget some good reading material!  Whether it’s the current popular best seller, or some inspiring Shape or Fitness magazines (these are my faves), enjoy flipping through some pages while relaxing in the sun.
  8. Baby Powder! Yup, it’s a little known secret that sprinkling baby powder on your sandy feet or hands absorbs the moisture and the sand will rub right off! A packet of moist wipes will also come in handy at the beach. A few band-aids and even some aspirin are good ideas too.
  9. An empty plastic bag or 2 can be life savers. Sometimes trash isn’t close by so you can use one for trash and use the other to put any wet, sandy towels or shoes, etc in.
  10. Nourishment. Another essential part of ensuring a great beach day experience. I recommend light healthy snacks like grapes, healthy energy bars, small containers of crackers or nuts, even an apple is great. Anything you want to keep cold can be put in a small personal size soft sided cooler with 1 or 2 cold packs.

I hope these tips come in handy for you.  If you have some of your own tips, please share back with me! Meanwhile, Happy Beaching!

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