3 Tips on Storing Your Holiday Decorations

Every year, a litany of curses can be heard as the search commences for the holiday decorations. Those curses continue when the boxes and bins are unpacked and it’s all just a big mess.  “Where the @#(*&#*@ are the wreaths for the porch?” and “Why are only 3 of the 6 stockings in this @#%*(%)#)@! box?”  Sound familiar?

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have it all beautifully organized so stress, headaches and the foul mouth of a longshoreman are no longer your reality?

Here are 3 simple tips that can make your holiday decorating process joyous and calm:

1. Like with Like – Consider storing similar items together with clear labels.  All the indoor lights in one bin, all the outdoor lights in another.  Tree decorations in one box, table top decor in another box.  Snow globes all here, nutcrackers all there.

Close up of various colorful Christmas baubles in a box

2. Store by Room – How about putting all the living room decor in one bin and all the family room decor in another box?  That makes the unpacking easy-peasy when you can bring 1 or 2 boxes right to the destination room instead of running all over the place.  Again, clear labels are key.

Plastic storage bins, filled with decorations for various holidays.

3. Reduce – The less you have, the easier it is.  Each year go through with a really critical eye and donate or toss the stuff that no longer is age appropriate, is maybe in a color scheme you no longer love, or is simply just too much.  Gift wrap, bows & ribbons are items that tend to multiply and morph into an uncontrollable quantity – tackling those to reduce is a game changer! You will be so happy the next year when you go to unpack and decorate!








Now, turn on some holiday tunes, pour a glass of egg nog and relax…..it’s time to enjoy all that the holidays really are about.  Family.  Love.  Faith.  Togetherness.  Celebration.  Wishing you and yours a simply wonderful holiday season!


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