5 Organizing Projects that are Perfect for Fall

Ahhhh, the changing of the seasons. Days getting crisper & cooler.  Foliage taking on bright orange and red hues.  Happy Fall, Y’All!


Want to know 5 of the best organizing projects you can tackle this fall, and why?  Check it out below:




                 attic-before-2                     fall-switching-clothes-2                     basement before

1. GARAGE – With more comfortable weather, it won’t be a sweat-fest to get in there and reclaim this valuable storage space.  A garage’s intended purpose is for storage of our cars, but as it turns out with our culture’s trends of over-accumulating stuff, only 1 in 4 Americans can fit one car in their garages (June 2015 survey).  Use these cool Fall days to declutter, reorganize, set up intuitive zones and make room for your cars before the snow flies!  You can stay in bed a little longer on winter days knowing you don’t have to scrape ice & snow off your car!

2. HOLIDAY DECORATIONS – So many of my clients each year struggle to locate & unearth their Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas….decorations.  I’m talking tangled knots of lights, crushed ornaments, mangled faux pumpkins, wreaths missing half their glued on pieces – you get the picture, right?  Make this the year you weed out the old, broken, ripped, no longer age appropriate decor and safely store, label and organize your decorations.

3. ATTIC – Did you know an uncluttered attic that allows good ventilation can make your home more energy efficient?  With cooler days, investing some time in your attic will be a lot more comfortable than in the heat of summer.  Reduce the uneccesary, old, yucky, busted, redundant, forgotten items and create an organized area that’s easy accessible and allows for proper ventilation.

4. CLOTHES – Now that we’re closer to winter than summer, it’s the ideal time to make the transition with a seasonal switch of your clothes.  As you go to store away (in bins, under your bed, in another closet…) your spring/summer clothes, be ruthless in what you allow yourself to keep!  Did you wear it? Do you <love> it?  And be ruthless as you bring out the fall/winter clothes….do you still <love> it?  Does it still fit?  Is it still in style?

5. BASEMENT – Just like the attic and garage, this is a great time to get down and be a cellar-dwellar for a few hours and reclaim this precious space!  Those who embrace Feng Shui will tell you that the basement represents our subconscious & our foundation/roots and too much clutter in the basement causes subconscious feelings of pressure and instability.  Clear it out!  Start fresh!  Have this space function better for you and your family!

Wishing you much success, and fun, in tackling these top 5 organizing projects this Fall!


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