What Is the Difference Between Long-Term Loans Vs Bonds? The Motley Fool

Content Single Family More On Student Loans dealer options to skip when buying a car About 750,000 Coloradans are saddled with nearly $28 billion in student loan debt Process There are a ton ofside hustle optionsout there—everything from driving an Uber and delivering food to walking dogs and house-sitting....Read More


Parent’s Tips for Mastering Back To School / Family Command Center (part 4 of 4)

In the final segment of our 4 part Mastering Back to School series, we look at how a complete, visible and really functional Family Command Center can be a game-changer for keeping track of all the activity that comes up during the school year. Yes, if you’re tech savvy,...Read More

Parent’s Tips for Mastering Back To School / Setting Routines (part 3 of 4)

Can you hear it? Wait – listen closely …. its the faint call of teacher’s voices, school bells and zipping up of overstuffed backpacks in the oh so near future!!   In segment 3 of our series of back to school tips we look at setting routines and the...Read More

Parent’s Tips for Mastering Back To School – Organized Spaces (part 2 of 4)

Mastering back to school starts with having organized spaces to make life easier & more functional for everyone in the family.  Creating go-to systems and spaces helps take the stress and hassle out of the back to school process – – who couldn’t use a little more  calm in...Read More

Tips for Mastering Back To School / School Supplies! (part 1 of 4)

Well parents – the finish line is in sight! The end of the rainbow! The light at the end of tunnel!  School is about to start after a long, hot summer!  Yipppeeeeee!!! You likely have received a supplies list from your kids’ teachers, but just in case, here are...Read More

Just Enough Really Is Enough…

A month or so back, I visited my niece Julia in Seattle – she was staying in a short term apartment rental for 3 months while studying there.  I fell in love with the simplicity and functionality of her kitchen, and it reminded me that it perfectly exemplified how...Read More

Finding Dad’s Boxes of Letters – – Here’s Some Help!

Time and time again, I find people struggling with what to do with sentimental/personal items that belonged to someone who’s passed away. Recently I gave a presentation to a wonderful group of women who are part of a local Home & Garden Club, and one of the ladies asked...Read More

How To Decide To Keep Or Let It Go

It can be so hard to arrive at the decision of whether to keep something, or to let it go…especially when it’s something that belonged to someone who has passed away. If you’ve encountered a situation like this yourself, I think this could help – – take a quick...Read More

3 Tips on Storing Your Holiday Decorations

Every year, a litany of curses can be heard as the search commences for the holiday decorations. Those curses continue when the boxes and bins are unpacked and it’s all just a big mess.  “Where the @#(*&#*@ are the wreaths for the porch?” and “Why are only 3 of...Read More

5 Organizing Projects that are Perfect for Fall

Ahhhh, the changing of the seasons. Days getting crisper & cooler.  Foliage taking on bright orange and red hues.  Happy Fall, Y’All! Want to know 5 of the best organizing projects you can tackle this fall, and why?  Check it out below:                                                          ...Read More