Getting your Kitchen ready for the Holidays!

The holidays will be here before we know it! Will you be hosting or entertaining at your home? Are you feeling a little stressed that your kitchen isn’t as neat and inviting as it could be?

“Where IS that turkey roasting pan??!!”  “What happened to the turkey baster?!”

Here are some quick and easy tips to tackling those crowded drawers and cabinets in your kitchen:
1) Take everything out of the drawer or cabinet you’re working with. Really, take every item out and spread it out on the counter or floor so you can see it.
2) Sort all like items together such as a pile of knives, a pile of serving spoons…etc.
3) Be honest now…..choose your ONE most favorite and start a “keep” pile.
4) Look at each remaining item and make the tough decision to throw out anything that is old, cracked, dirty, broken, missing a top/bottom, discolored…etc.
5) With what you have remaining, it’s time to eliminate redundancy. Decide how many serving spoons for instance you really, really, really need.  If you have 12 of them, pick the best 5 of the bunch and keep those. Bid farewell to the rest.

Ahhhh, the sense of freedom!  Bask in the amount of space in the drawer or cabinet that now remains and you can actually SEE and FIND items you’re looking for!  (Bet you found that turkey baster, didn’t you?)

Enjoy the feeling of being house-proud when company comes over!

A few hours with Simplify With Eileen will get your kitchen neat, organized and functional.

Let’s get started now! All it takes is a call.  781.589.5444