In Person Presentation – “Living The Simplified Life: Mastering The Art Of Saying No” – The Centre Club of Lynnfield – September 29, 2021

A fun, interactive & engaging live presentation! In our over-scheduled, over-connected, over-achieving world, we’re stretched so thin that we’re just barely surviving instead of thriving. 

We’ve bought the lie they’ve sold us that “we can do it all”. We think everything is important, so we end up making only a millimeter of progress in a million directions.

It’s exhausting, ineffective and not sustainable.  Feel familiar?

One thing we can control – is to get crystal clear on what really matters, what ignites our soul, what is aligned with how we want our lives to be….and then master the art of saying NO to everything else. 

In this workshop we will:
• Explore why we say Yes to so much
• Get to the root of why it feels hard to say NO
• Realize the intended & unintended consequences of saying Yes
• Define your new guiding principal for what you will say Yes to
• Master 8 effective techniques for how to comfortably say No

It’s up to us to protect every precious moment of our lives. The more we do this, the better we can serve ourselves, our families, our businesses and our world.

“The difference between successful people and really successful people, is that really successful people say No to almost everything”
– Warren Buffet