Parent’s Tips for Mastering Back To School / Family Command Center (part 4 of 4)

In the final segment of our 4 part Mastering Back to School series, we look at how a complete, visible and really functional Family Command Center can be a game-changer for keeping track of all the activity that comes up during the school year.

Yes, if you’re tech savvy, there are some great options with digital family calendars like these.  5 Best Shared Calendar Apps  Sometimes though, a physical Family Command Center can be helpful to corral more than just the calendar function.

Here are a few suggestions that I’ve used to help my clients over the years make the most of their Family Command Center:

Calendar:  I encourage my clients to try to use a paper calendar vs a dry erase or chalkboard style.  Why you might ask?  It’s helpful to be able to look forward to future months & schedule in things – and – it’s often helpful to be able to look back at previous months.  You can’t do that with a dry erase calendar. Another criteria is for the calendar to be large enough, with big daily blocks, so you easily schedule multiple things on one day.  Large Paper Wall Calendars


Wall Mounted File Pockets:  Having an easy, intuitive home for paperwork, documents, announcements…. to reside in helps keep horizontal surfaces clear – and – minimizes the chance of losing things. Consider having one pocket for each family member, labeled clearly. This way anytime you’re looking for something for Brandon, all you have to do is look in Brandon’s file pocket instead of everywhere and anywhere.  Wall Mounted File Organizer


Fabric Pin Board:  These come in handy if you have a dental appointment card, a birthday party invitation, or maybe a coupon that you know you’ll be using in the next few days…. something you want to have handy and front of mind, but not laying around with the chance of getting lost.  You can find them online or at HomeGoods, but if you have the time and feel like making your own, they are super easy and fun!  DIY Fabric Pin Board


Desktop Organizer: If you don’t have a drawer near your Command Center, you’ll appreciate having one easily accessible spot where you can keep pens/markers, push pins, paper clips, glasses, keys…etc.  You don’t need much, just a few key supplies to make life easier and minimize stuff scattered across the flat surfaces.


Charging Station:  There are lots of options out there to wrangle all the cords & devices your family uses.  I’m a big fan of the shorty cords like pictured here for helping to keep it all tidy.  Lots of different styles, colors & materials to choose from.  This one even has a drawer & a slot or 2 for extra supplies Modular Charging Station


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