Put Your Own Mask On First!

It’s what the airlines have been telling us every single time the flight attendant reviews the safety procedures for the plane.

put your mask on first

Makes perfect sense right? You can’t help anyone else until you help yourself. Why do we forget this powerful message the rest of our lives when we’re not on a plane?

As women, we are too often overwhelmed, overworked, overburdened, overscheduled, overtasked, overcluttered, and to be perfectly frank…..we have ourselves to blame. We are choosing to put the needs of others before ourselves. We’ve allowed ourselves to be less of a priority. For some unfounded reason, the idea of taking care of ourselves feels, I don’t know…selfish, even indulgent.

Consider shifting that mindset, just slightly, to the belief that if you invest in yourself you will have more resources to give to your significant other, kids, job, pets, volunteer efforts, community…etc. Commit time to your own physical movement, to better nutrition, to spirituality, to mindfulness, to creating a healthy uncluttered environment for you and your family, to needed downtime….etc. Creating a better YOU allows you to be better to, and for, those around you.

love yourself

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