Simplify with Eileen’s “5 – – 10 – – 20 Method” to Staying Organized!

Getting organized is one thing, and make no mistake it’s a GREAT thing, but sometimes the bigger challenge is staying organized! What’s the trick? One way I’ve found to increase your chances of keeping your newly organized space in shape is my “5 – – 10 – – 20 Method”.

Here’s the basic tenant on which it’s founded….taking small, fast, easy steps every day and every week will prevent your space from going back to it’s old cluttered, chaotic way.

5 – Simply take 5 seconds to stop and think before dropping something onto the counter or floor. In 5 quick seconds just think through “where does this belong?”  If it belongs in the paper recycle bin, take 5 seconds and put it there. If it belongs in the utility drawer, take 5 seconds and put it there.

10 – At the end of each day, no matter how tired you are, take 10 quick minutes to do a scan around your space and put anything away that is not in it’s proper place. Or if all looks pretty good, take a quick 10 minutes to do a chore you’ve been putting off. Takes no more than 10 minutes to unload the dishwasher. To gather all the laundry and bring it to the laundry room, heck you can do that in 10 minutes. Run the vacuum for 5 minutes and clean your kitchen counter tops with a disinfecting spray.  Tah-dah!  You’re done!

20 – Once a week, maybe it’s Saturdays or Monday mornings, spend 20 measly minutes getting your space back in order. Great time to catch up on filing or shredding.  How about making sure all your clothes are back in the closet and dresser drawers? Use the systems we’ve created, put everything in it’s proper and intuitive zone, stay really true and honest to the work you did to get organized.

These methods, employed on a regular basis, WILL enable you to move forward towards the productive, efficient and organized life you envision for yourself.  I guarantee you will smile more and you will love the results!!  You Can Do It!


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