“Someday” – – There Are 7 Days In The Week and Someday Isn’t One Of Them!

Do you know any “Someday People”?  How about your husband who refuses to part with all of his high school lacrosse equipment because “Someday I’m going to get back to playing”?  Or Mom who has hung onto boxes of musty old children’s books from when you were little because “Someday when you have a baby you’ll want to read him/her these books”.   Maybe that friend who is a size 10 yet still has most all her clothes in sizes 6 and 8 because “Someday I’ll fit back into them”.    

Ugh….”Someday”.  Here’s the honest truth – – Someday never comes.  Someday looks good on paper, but doesn’t look good in practice.  Someday simply isn’t practical.  Someday is a pipe dream.


For people who stockpile possessions for the promise of maybe needing or using them “someday”, they are weighed down with tons of stuff that isn’t serving them, their space, or the life they want to live.  If you are living for “someday”, you simply aren’t able to live for today.  And news flash – – today is all we’ve got. There are no guarantees we’ll be gifted with tomorrow, so why not focus on making the most of your life today?

Some questions you can ask yourself as you go through your stuff to help shed the unnecessary “someday” items:

1) Am I using this today?
2) Rather than warehouse it myself, if I did need it in the future, could I easily get a new one?
3) If I have multiples of something for the future, can I feel good about at least just keeping 1?
4) Isn’t it easier/better/sensible to surround myself only with things that serve my life/space/needs right now?
5) Is this serving me, my space and my life today?

Good luck embracing today and saying good-bye to the someday mindset!  You’ll be happy you did.

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