The Hanger Test

With the changing of seasons, summer to fall, this is the perfect time for you to take the Hanger Test!  Are you ready?

As you rotate your summer clothes out and fall/winter clothes in (you DO do this every year right?), hang everything with the hook of the hanger pointing OUT….towards you. Weird, right? I know, I know, but stay with me.

As you go through the season and wear an item, replace it back in your closet and put the hook of the hanger pointing IN, like normal.

Now when it comes time to rotate out your fall/winter clothes in the spring time, take notice of all your clothes that still face out.  This gives you the message loud and clear that you never wore that item and guess what….it should be tossed out or donated!

The much quoted statistic is that most women wear 20 – 30% of their wardrobes. See for yourself if you end up next season with a majority of your hangers still facing out.

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