Eileen embarks on each project with a sensitive and systematic approach she calls AERO: Assess, Eliminate, Review and Organize.

Before beginning any project, Eileen starts by walking through your spaces together with you and asking questions. What goals do you have? What areas have been working well? What has been standing in your way? What is your budget? What is your vision of the end result? With this information, she creates a functional plan of attack.

Shoulder to shoulder, Eileen reviews with you every item in the space to identify the keepers and to reduce the volume of un-necessary or redundant items.

Before going any further, Eileen takes an inventory of the remaining “keep” items and re-evaluates the strategy for the space, tools and layout.

The final phase includes the actual execution of installing/integrating systems and products, assimilating the remaining “keep” items into the newly organized space and discussing key strategies on how to maintain the solution.

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