The Seasonal Wardrobe Switch….how to make it easy and effective!

Ahhh, Labor Day, that signal that our summer days are numbered and a new season is fast approaching.  This also cues up my Simplify September Special, a 3 hour organizing package for your seasonal wardrobe switch.

May sound easy, but it’s really not.  An objective pair of eyes can help you weed through the clothing you didn’t wear last season but is somehow looking to make it back into rotation.  There are some great tips and tricks to help keep your closet honest, like having all hangers facing out at the start, and organizing your clothing and shoes by color.  These are great visuals for you to see what your really are wearing.

Let’s get picky and only allow summer items to be packed, and fall items to be brought in, that truly deserve to occupy space in your closet!

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