Zoom Presentation – “Business Best Practices : Simplify, Organize, Thrive” – WEN Women’s Entrpreneurs Network – October 7, 2020

Asked to speak to a group of local women entrpreneurs about 4 key best practices to ensure a simplified & successful business.

Content/Topics Covered:

Simplicity is the key  – for some reason we tend to over-complicate things and end up standing in our own way, let’s simplify and succeed!

Resist reinventing the wheel – consider the reuse/recycle concept with your business and create reusable templates, email drafts, forms… to make life easier.

Trusting time blocking – one of the best kept secrets to making the most of your day!

Prioritizing is a priority – we can’t do it all, we simply can’t, so mastering the art of prioritizing is essential. We’ll talk about how to do it!