Take a peek at what some of our clients have to say about their experience working with Simplify with Eileen.

Eileen, Thank you for all that your do for us and our company. Your business acumen, experience, as well as your personal insights are invaluable. I can’t even imagine going forward without your help – and all that you bring to the table.
William R., Wakefield MA

We hired Eileen to help organize our house before getting it ready to list and sell. She came for 2 full days and we worked hand in hand organizing every corner of our house. She was such a huge help with labeling storage containers for all my kids clothes, toys, winter gear, blankets, etc. We went through every item in every room in the house and garage. She then organized every cabinet in my kitchen! Eileen brought me storage containers and then dropped off multiple carloads of donations for us. My life feels so much more organized and lighter after having Eileen help us!
Allison H, Melrose MA

I attended one of Eileen’s presentations. Her presentation made a huge impact on my day to day life. I now use her 5, 10, 20 rule and my room and house stays tidy all week. I also used other tips (she shared) to tackle cleaning (out) my catch all closet and I found $100 – what a nice surprise. I feel like a weight was removed from my shoulders.
She has great systems for organizing and they are so easy to use and remember. Without a doubt, contact Eileen if your personal and professional life is in chaos, she will help implement systems to make your daily activities easy.
Robin K, Reading MA

 I can’t possibly thank you enough for all of your professionalism, hard work, sweat and kindness. I would NEVER be able to move into Boston without you. (at the Estate Sale you ran..) You represented my family with class and integrity and I will always be grateful. When I did the final walk through of the place, it was with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and appreciation for all the work you did in June. Thank you for supporting me and helping us make our next move.
Georgina L, Middleton MA

Working with Eileen for well over a year has been an extraordinary gift I gave to myself. We started with my basement .. she organized .. and helped me “let go“ of over 25 family photo albums while showing me how to differentiate what could be done with “special photos”. Then we moved on to each of the 9 rooms in my house to declutter, organize and stage for the sale of my home. Eileen supported me in a thousand ways .. always with a smile and amazing work ethics .. also sharing her impressive list of support services i.e.… painters, movers etc. when I needed them. Then she ran a Moving Sale in my home taking care of everything from advertising to signage to negotiating with customers! It was quite successful.
Over these last few weeks she has been coming to my new home to hang art work and do some finishing touches. Eileen is a true professional .. skilled .. knowledgeable .. with a very big heart.
Barbara A, Lynnfield MA

If you have a challenging business/office organization project, Eileen is the person to solve it. She is efficient and professional and she is a remarkable woman with unbelievable talent and energy.  Eileen was so effective with the office project at my firm, I now have her working with me on my home closing project as I prepare to move. I don’t know how I would have been able to tackle all this without her!!
Patricia P., Andover MA

 I really appreciate how much thought you put into this, how creatively you came up with solutions and how much you repurposed what I already had.  It’s so amazing and we’re only about 1/2 way done, I already see the progress and it feels great!  You’ve seen worse, right?”
Nancy B., Newton MA

Eileen is simply amazing. She’s hard working, fun, thoughtful, professional and organized(!). She has been a tremendous blessing to our family.  We have worked with her on projects large and small and have never been disappointed over the last 2-3 years. I have worked with three other organizers through the years and Eileen is by far the best. She has a vision for how things can work better and generally the systems she has put in place in our busy busy home have not only worked but have been sustained for years. That is miraculous.
I am planning a big move in the next year and Eileen will be in charge of all of it. I really can’t say one negative thing about her.  She is worth every penny. (And more!) 
Renee M., Hamilton MA

Let me just say that meeting Eileen and working with her during the past couple of years has been a great experience. She is a wonderful person who worked with me shoulder to shoulder to organize and “cleanse” my home. I had 30 years of “stuff” to deal with. I consider myself a fairly neat person, but things just got ahead of me.
A friend had given me a gift to find someone to help me out. I had lost my husband of 25 years and felt overwhelmed with everything. My girls had graduated high school & college and had left most everything behind as they moved forward. I had garages, sheds, closets, and rooms filled with things I just didn’t need that other people could benefit from. Eileen helped me every step of the way to donate, eliminate or organize. It was the best feeling and it really helped me emotionally.
Janet D., Stoneham MA

My closet is amazing, thank you!  I also got all of my drawers completed…so excited.
Deborah R., Melrose MA

I spent two days with Eileen cleaning out and organizing my three kids’ rooms.  She was so easy to work with and helped me so much in sorting through things.  She was efficient, organized, creative and an overall pleasure to work with.  The end result was more than I could have imagined.  My kids came home from school and felt the same sense of joy and enthusiasm about a clean and organized room as I did.  Since we organized the rooms the kids have been able to play with all sorts of toys and clean everything up because they know where things belong.  It has been wonderful.  My only question is:  When can she come back and do more?  And it will be soon!
Sara P., Andover MA

Eileen knows how to simplify and more importantly knows how to help you recognize WHAT you need to simplify! Your obstacles may be very different than you thought! Super organized, energetic and funny as a stand up comic, Eileen was able to teach me how to approach disaster areas and to purge with excellent thought and reason. She helped with my bedroom, my daughter’s closet and our guest room catch all. She came with new ideas and tools that I wasn’t aware of, did the legwork and hand-held throughout. She took the fear of what previously seemed unmanageable and overwhelming. Simply put, she’s the queen of Simple! Who can live without that? Organization, simplicity and the ability to sort through the heaps of crap with grace is in Eileen’s DNA.
Shannon K., Dover NH

Where to start …. that is what we thought when we looked at our closets and our basement 13 years after moving into our house. Eileen takes a steady approach and with each visit the changes were amazing.  Once you start to see the changes you gain momentum and the next thing you know – order is restored. The best part is she leaves you with ideas on how to maintain going forward. I would not hesitate to recommend Eileen to any household in need of organization.
Jill and Jim M., Newburyport MA

Simplify with Eileen was a lifesaver! My single son moved to a new home and needed extensive help getting moved in and organized. From unpacking boxes,  to setting up his kitchen, to getting 7 closets organized as well as baths and laundry room….Eileen and her assistant did it all. She even shopped for a lot of necessary and helpful items I would never have thought of, including the perfect stainless steel trash can for the kitchen at a bargain price!  Eileen is efficient, perceptive, highly skilled and so, so nice to work with.
Ann S., Andover MA 

Thank you Eileen! Our session in my office was Awesome! Having so much work space on my desk is huge! After you left, I have gone ahead and done two of the things from the “To Do” box. I actually filed everything in one of the “To be Filed” boxes, took the shredding box to be shredded, turned in the toners and broke down and got rid of all of the trash and boxes!
I am loving the new space and feel so much better….so much better!
Having an outside person who has a gift of organizing was key for my home office. I thought I was an “organized” person but Eileen brings so much more to the table. She learned how my day goes and helped streamline my space so everything not only has a place but one that makes sense for an efficient day! A clear physical space really does transform into having a clear head space! Thank you!
Sharna F., Woburn MA

I have had a wonderful experience working with Eileen.  She proved to be compassionate, creative and thorough. Above all else she listened to everything I had to say as to how I wished my belongings would be organized. Her suggestions always worked beautifully with my needs and with my wishes and she made it all not only painless, but fun as well. I highly recommend her services for any type of organizational needs. Thank you Eileen!
Mary C., Charlestown MA

Eileen was so helpful. She arrived prepared, with energy and enthusiasm, and helped my daughter (9) and I organize her bedroom and playroom. My daughter now plays with her dolls even more since she can find the clothes easily and has asked when Eileen can come again to help with other problem areas (my office, the basement, the garage…)!
Beth L., Haverhill MA

Eileen, I can’t tell you how good I feel after you helping me with my office!! Not only do I have a clear organized de-cluttered space I have the energy and motivation to keep on de-cluttering!! Oh and apparently I was freed up to go for a run, I haven’t done that in a good solid year!! This helped at so many levels, Thank you!!!
Christine D., Haverhill MA

I don’t know how to express our gratitude for your help with our mothers new home. I live in Florida and had to coordinate her move along side of a major back surgery with my sisters. Your intuitive awareness while you unpacked and organized her home was felt so deeply from our family. She will go to her new home and be amazed at warm and recognizable it feels, and better than anywhere she has lived thus far. Our deep felt gratitude at a time when this kind of support was so necessary and so surprisingly met all of our needs.
Barbara B and Family, North Reading MA

Oh my goodness!  The reaction has been terrific!  I just had to email you and tell you!  My husband was over the moon happy.  The girls said it looks “pretty.”  The writing tools caddy is genius and all three are in love with it.  My husband and I talked forever last night about how this is definitely changing our lives and making for a happy home and we’ve been inspired to brainstorm more organizing solutions.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We’re on such a roll!  Take care and see you in two weeks!
Lisa P., Haverhill MA

Eileen Reed helped me to downsize for my 7.19.13 move from my house of 25 years to sharing a smaller rental house with another tenant, and putting some of my other belongings into storage.  It is a very long and tedious process for an individual and for me to have had Eileen’s expertise throughout the difficult process was a life saver.  She encourages donating and getting rid of stuff which are essential to the desired end result.  I highly recommend Eileen.  She is professional, reliable, trustworthy, capable, neat, intelligent and she always has a smile when she arrives and when she leaves.
Patricia P., Andover MA

My wife emailed me a picture when you finished, but it was even better in person. I love our new Family Command Center and used it last night, plus the furniture you picked out fit perfectly. It’s nice not to have to look at the empty water bottles. Thanks again for everything that you are doing to make our house more organized!
Adam E., Arlington MA                                                                                                                                   

It really is a delight to enter the room in our house where we worked.  And being organized  there is spreading into other areas of my life.  Many many thanks.  What a change for the better!
George G., Ipswich MA

When Simplify With Eileen came to help me organize and declutter my 1 bedroom apartment, I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin. Room by room, Eileen gently but firmly took charge. She is efficient and prepared with great ideas and a designer’s eye. I love the way my place looks now!
Mary K., Quincy MA 

Eileen is amazing! She just helped my mom downsize from a 14-room house to a 3-room apartment seamlessly! She organized closets, drawers, pantries and hung shelves and prints for her. She gave her needed storage and space by buying everything for her! My mom was very emotional after leaving her home of 50 years and Eileen was absolutely wonderful with her and made her feel comfortable with her decisions and choices. Thank you Eileen!
Marcia C., Woburn MA

Thank you so much for helping me organize my 3rd bedroom/office. I was wishing for a magic wand to de-clutter that room and with your help, the result has completely exceeded my expectations. The first visit was very helpful in that you suggested many items that would help me organize my things.  The day of our 3 hour organizing session, you knew just how to begin, which had always been difficult for me. We plugged away at it together and the result is a perfect working space where I can do work.
Amy B., North Reading MA

We needed help making our small, narrow basement more functional and Eileen provided the best assistance! She started with helping us to objectively purge, then showed us how to organize our closets so that we could move our remaining stuff out of sight to make room for chairs and a television. She showed us how to place the television and chairs to produce a space that is most functional. We are so pleased with our space and use it all the time. Our basement was a bit of an embarrassment but Eileen did not criticize or judge. Her professionalism really helped us tackle our problem space head on. Thanks, Eileen.
Joanne S., Reading MA

Working with Eileen is a joy.  She has helped me get organized every Spring and Fall now for several years.  She is professional and friendly, and works very efficiently.  My apartment gleams with freshness in just a couple of hours!  I’m grateful to have found her.  
Lois G., Beverly MA

I have felt challenged keeping the limited cabinets in my kitchen organized. Everything I thought I needed did fit, if I took the time to properly stock containers and bowls, but this process deteriorated over time, and soon I was back to having cluttered space and items were difficult to access.  It was so frustrating.
Eileen was convinced there was a solution to my space problem. I was eager to see how she could place bowls and gadgets in a way I could see what I had, and sustain the organized arrangement over time.
In two hours, Eileen helped to transform my cabinets and drawers. We first emptied everything from the cabinets to see what I had and put like items together.  The process was interesting and fun as we decided on what needed to stay, which less frequently used items could be stored elsewhere, and what was old and eligible for the recycle bin.  I was amazed at the redundancy in items that I acquired over the years.
Everything was placed back in a cabinet or drawer, each item with its own spot. I am no longer embarrassed if a guest opens a drawer, and I don’t dread emptying the dishwasher wondering how to make everything fit.  I love just opening the cabinets and admiring how orderly everything is.  I am motivated to use my newly learned strategies for simplifying my living space in all areas of my home. She even left me with an empty drawer~!
Fran D., Lynnfield MA

Our 2-car garage was bursting at the seams with 25 years worth of accumulated stuff, and we could only comfortably fit one car in at a time. It was a difficult process physically, but even more emotionally as the majority of the things belonged to my husband who passed away 2 years prior. Eileen approached the project with sensitivity and compassion and helped me through the process. Simplify with Eileen came with a team of 3 helpers and the transformation was amazing. Eileen even helped with getting many items donated….my husband’s many golf clubs ended up with a great organization called “The First Tee” that donates golf clubs to children all across MA and introduces them to the game of golf. Now when I open the garage door, I smile. I’m thrilled beyond words with how clean and organized the space is, and my heart feels good that so many things were donated to others who can benefit from them.
Stacia K., Wakefield MA

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