Guest Speaker – “Living The Simplified Life” – The Waltham Chamber of Commerce / Women in Business Series – Feb 8, 2022

The Women In Business Breakfast Series, is a five part series where we will hear from women business leaders.  Past speakers have included accomplished executives, politicians and entrepreneurs. On February 8th, we’ll hear remarks from Eileen Kelly Reed. Eileen is an Organizing and Productivity Coach, sought after Speaker and creator of...Read More

Workshop – “Living The Simplified Life: Rightsizing Your Nest” – The Empty Nester Experience by Amy Goober – Feb 1 – March 8, 2022

Delighted to be invited as 1 of 6 experts assembled to teach, inspire, and challenge you to build a colorful, complete, fun life as an empty nester. This virtual 6 week program will help you create a world where you look forward to what’s ahead! Sessions with an Action...Read More

Virtual Presentation – “Living The Simplified Life — Saying Yes To Less In 2022” – Tewksbury Public Library – January 28, 2022

Invited back for a 3rd time to speak to this wonderful library community. In our over-scheduled, over-connected, over-achieving world, we’ve bought the lie they’ve sold us that “we can do it all”. They’ve convinced us that we need to do more, have more and be more. We’re so weighed...Read More

Virtual Presentation – “Living The Simplified Life: 2022 Your Year To Get Organized” – Flint Memorial Public Library – January 6, 2022

Our consumer driven culture sells us and tells us to buy big, buy more, buy the newest, buy more often…and we’re left drowning in piles of too much stuff. We’re so weighed down that we often miss what’s really, truly important in our lives. ·      Do you feel held...Read More

Virtual Workshop – “Living The Simplified Life: How to Be More With Less” – Worcester Public Library – October 30, 2021

Working with residential & business clients since 2009, Eileen has seen first hand how transforming your surrounds & space with better systems, flow and functionality can absolutely transform your overall life. ·      Do you feel held back and burdened by too much stuff but don’t know where to start?·     ...Read More

In Person Presentation – “Living The Simplified Life: Mastering The Art Of Saying No” – The Centre Club of Lynnfield – September 29, 2021

A fun, interactive & engaging live presentation! In our over-scheduled, over-connected, over-achieving world, we’re stretched so thin that we’re just barely surviving instead of thriving.  We’ve bought the lie they’ve sold us that “we can do it all”. We think everything is important, so we end up making only...Read More

Virtual Workshop – “The Simplified Life – How to Be More with Less” – Julie McGrath/The Joy Source Weekend Retreat – March 20 + 21, 2021

Originally designed as an in-person weekend retreat with 6 presenters that turned into virtual due to Covid. Do the words overwhelmed, over extended, over committed ring true to you?  We collect and hold onto possessions from the past, we stockpile and store things for “someday” in the future….and we...Read More

Podcast Interview – Cultivate with Shelley Tyson – March 12, 2021

Invited as a guest on Shelley’s podcast to talk about living a more intentional life with less, essentialism, and all the gifts we receive when living a life of more simplicity and ease. A lovely 30 minutes.Link: More

Podcast Interview with Conquer Your Life podcaster Janelle Monteiro – November 29, 2020

Janelle invited me on to her podcast where we had a lively engaging interview about all things simplifying, organizing, decluttering…etc....Read More

Webinar – “Simplifying Your Life – 3 Easy Game Changing Tips” – IamBackAtWork – October 28, 2020

Invited to share a few impactful tips/strategies on simplifying & organizing, the benefits achieved and how to maintain “living the simplified life”. We collect and hold onto possessions from the past, we stockpile and store things for “someday” in the future….and we are so weighed down that we don’t...Read More