Maximizing Space


Maximizing Space  (it’s there, just waiting to be found!)


I guarantee that there is easily 25% more usable space available in your home than you can see. It just takes looking at your space through a slightly different lens.  Here’s what I mean:

Let’s take a bedroom as an example. As you look around, where can you find additional valuable storage space?  One of the easiest solutions is right under your bed! Many modern beds are higher these days and there is some great real estate under there to take advantage of. You can always use inexpensive bed lifts (about $14 on average for a set of 4) to create even more space for additional underbed storage bins.  Stick your out of season clothes in there, or photographs, extra blankets..etc.

If you have closet doors that open like a regular door, the inside of that door is just ripe to be used! There are inexpensive over the door shoe organizers (ranging from $10 – $15) that can be used for much more than shoes.  Think scarves, socks, crafts, wrapping paper/tissue/bows, toiletries, even office supplies!  For something more sturdy or customized, there are great coated wire solutions that are sturdier and can either attach over the door or with screws. Take advantage of that dead space on the inside of your closet door and put it to use.

For offices, all too often we see so much use of the horizontal space with low filing cabinets, low desks, and low tables.  Think Vertical!  Utilizing the wall space above eye level has a lot of merit. Floating shelves that goes up the wall above a desk, high credenzas, vertical file cabinets, tall book cases….all can make a huge difference in increasing your storage space.

You can significantly increase your kitchen cabinet space by using some simple and creative tools. For the lids of pots and pans there are some really neat, and inexpensive vertical racks that you can put inside your cabinet to reduce the space needed to store them. There are tiers of many different sizes that you can put into your cupboards to help store cans and spices etc. It will amaze you how much new usable space you create. Even in kitchen drawers there are some really clever dividers, racks, and bins that really help corral items like Tupperware (it seems to breed inside those drawers!!) and maximize your space. IKEA has a lot of these specialty kitchen space saving ideas, and for very affordable prices.

Capture that unused space that is all around you and put it to good use. Just takes a little ingenuity and some of the right products, and you’ll be in business!