Parent’s Tips for Mastering Back To School – Organized Spaces (part 2 of 4)

Mastering back to school starts with having organized spaces to make life easier & more functional for everyone in the family.  Creating go-to systems and spaces helps take the stress and hassle out of the back to school process – – who couldn’t use a little more  calm in the morning?

Here are four examples of what I mean:

Dedicate a homework area – create a space with a clear surface, good lighting, a comfortable well fitting chair and all the necessary supplies handy. The quieter it is, with minimal distractions, will enable more focus.  Each child is different, so keep their individual personality & study styles in mind, while still recognizing that TV, phone, food, pets, siblings… can all interrupt the focus needed for homework.  Sometimes something simple like this can help (headphones)


One central area for all gear – having 1 and only 1 spot for coats, shoes, backpacks…etc leads to getting out the door faster and calmer mornings. Coming home, each family member knows exactly where their stuff goes.  Other options are out there instead of built ins, check out (entry storage)


Sports Equipment Zone – Having all that lacrosse, soccer, dance….stuff corralled into one area for each kid is a big help to get in and out the door quickly.  It doesn’t have to be a wall mounted garage solution, consider ideas like this (storage cubby) and (storage tote)


Snack CentralMake it easy on yourself and the kiddos by having some healthy snacks prepped and reachable. Dedicate a lower shelf in the fridge with some kind of larger clear container to hold all the goodies like this (clear refrig bins), and let them snack away!


Stay tuned for 2 more segments with additional parent’s tips for mastering Back to School!

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