Does Being Disorganized Really Negatively Affect Your Health?

You’d better believe it does!  Countless studies have shown the significant effects that clutter and disorganization have on your emotional and physical well being. In my sold out June speaking engagement at a multi-Chamber of Commerce event (thank you Melrose, Stoneham, Reading-North Reading and Wakefield-Lynnfield), I showed some very...Read More

End of Year Financials – Doesn’t Have to Mean Stress

Along with the joy of the holidays at the end of the year, we also are faced with the endless  forms, paperwork and documents associated with preparing for year end financials.  That tax deadline in April isn’t really that far off. What can you do to stay ahead of...Read More

January is official “GO” (Get Organized) Month!

There is no better time than the start of the new year to make the commitment to yourself to Get Organized!  Have you been thinking of projects that would help improve the functionality of your home or office?  Are there some spaces that you know would work better if...Read More

5 Best Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

5 Best Tips for Organizing Your Home Office Having a home office can be both a blessing and a challenge.  The commute to work is ideal and you can’t beat the rent, but working in the home has challenges that are multiplied when an office is not organized.  I...Read More

Maximizing Space

  Maximizing Space  (it’s there, just waiting to be found!)   I guarantee that there is easily 25% more usable space available in your home than you can see. It just takes looking at your space through a slightly different lens.  Here’s what I mean: <center< Let’s take a...Read More