It’s Sentimental……I have to keep it!

Believe me, I get it…..trying to part with sentimental items is really tough. All your kid’s school work and art projects. All your grandmother’s knitting and the 20 blankets she made by hand. It’s a deeply ingrained belief that we should hold onto things that have sentimental value. The...Read More

Put Your Own Mask On First!

It’s what the airlines have been telling us every single time the flight attendant reviews the safety procedures for the plane. Makes perfect sense right? You can’t help anyone else until you help yourself. Why do we forget this powerful message the rest of our lives when we’re not...Read More

Does Being Disorganized Really Negatively Affect Your Health?

You’d better believe it does!  Countless studies have shown the significant effects that clutter and disorganization have on your emotional and physical well being. In my sold out June speaking engagement at a multi-Chamber of Commerce event (thank you Melrose, Stoneham, Reading-North Reading and Wakefield-Lynnfield), I showed some very...Read More

Whole Foods Presentation: How Being Organized Benefits Your Overall Wellness

The stats are out there….being cluttered and disorganized has real tangible adverse effects on your emotional and physical well being. See below here from the NY Times and WebMD – clutter increases stress & anxiety, creates germ havens, makes you late, weakens decision making skills….and much more:    ...Read More

Makeup – When Is It Time to Say Goodbye?

Ever wonder if that mascara at the bottom of your makeup bag is still good?  Any idea how long it’s safe to use a tube of lipstick? Do you know some tricks to extend the life of your foundation?   Makeup, creams, lotions, eyeshadow…..sometimes it feels like when you...Read More

7 Tips for Simplifying Holiday Gift Giving for Kids

Here we are, mid December and the holiday scramble is on. We’re right in the thick of checking lists, getting gifts, searching high and low for exactly the right brand and size, surrounded by gift wrap, bags, bows…  And after its all said and done, what do you end...Read More

Makeup – When Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

How many times have you wondered “is this lipstick too old?”, “is this foundation any good any more?”  You’re not alone!  If you’re like most women, you have a drawer (or 2 or 3) chock full of makeup that has somehow multiplied over time.     Make up, like...Read More