Speaking Engagement – “Resisting The Relentless Lure Of More / A Pandemic Realization” – Tewksbury Public Library – August 25, 2020

A virtual Zoom presentation.  In our over-scheduled, over-connected, over-achieving world, we’ve bought the lie they’ve sold us that “we can do it all”.
They’ve convinced us that we need to do, have and be “more”.
During these past 5 months of pandemic, quarantine, fear and uncertainty – many of us have used this time to reflect on just how simply, comfortably and intentionally we can live with less.
A quote from “Becoming Minimalist” sums it up perfectly: “I think that when the dust settles, we will realize how little we need, how very much we actually have, and the true value of human connection”.
Now is the time to Simplify.Organize.Thrive!
In this interactive workshop with professional organizer Eileen Reed, you will
(1) Consider the impacts of “more” in every part of your life (there’s WAY more than you think!);
(2) Explore our belief systems around what’s “enough;” and
(3) Learn proven strategies you can use to simplify your life.
If we could just create space (in our surroundings, our schedules, our perceptions…) we would invite more of everything good into our lives.
Are you ready to break free and welcome a life of simplicity and ease?