Speaking Engagment – “The Simplified Life – How To Be More With Less” – Morse Institute Library – Sept 17, 2020

A virtual Zoom presentation. Transform your surroundings and space with better systems, flow and functionality with Eileen Kelly Reed, Organizing & Productivity Coach.  Simplify.Organize.Thrive.
-Do you feel held back and burdened by too much stuff but don’t know where to start?
-Are you truly thriving, or just surviving, in all aspects of your life?
-Do your surroundings inspire clarity, innovation, creativity and productivity?
-Is the concept of leaner, freer living something you’re curious about?
In this workshop we will:
-Explore the impacts of clutter in every part of your life (there’s WAY more than you think!).
-Consider ways to reshape your relationship with “things”.
-Learn proven tools & strategies you can use to simplify your life.
Isn’t now a perfect time to enjoy more happiness, more freedom from stress and accomplish more in your life by considering different ways to take control of your space and your life?
Are you ready to Live The Simplified Life?