Simplify with Eileen in the Press

Wanted to share a recent article with you that appeared in the  January  23rd edition of the Lynnfield Weekly News.  A little PR piece to give you a bit more insight into what Simplify with Eileen is all about.  How can I help you Simplify Your Life??    ...Read More

January is “GO” (Get Organized) Month!

Here we are, fresh off of New Year’s Eve and what are most people thinking about? Resolutions. Changes in habits. Starting fresh. Getting organized. Timing couldn’t be better for the 2015 National Association of Professional Organizer’s Annual “Let’s Get Organized! Expo”. Attending this year’s Expo, you’ll have all day...Read More

7 Tips for Simplifying Holiday Gift Giving for Kids

Here we are, mid December and the holiday scramble is on. We’re right in the thick of checking lists, getting gifts, searching high and low for exactly the right brand and size, surrounded by gift wrap, bags, bows…  And after its all said and done, what do you end...Read More

End of Year Financials – Doesn’t Have to Mean Stress

Along with the joy of the holidays at the end of the year, we also are faced with the endless  forms, paperwork and documents associated with preparing for year end financials.  That tax deadline in April isn’t really that far off. What can you do to stay ahead of...Read More

Stress Free Holidays!

Why not have this year be the year that you’re ready ahead of time for the holidays!  How about this holiday season you’re prepared and  organized  in advance so you can really enjoy the holidays?  Wouldn’t you and your family love to have the decorations up, meals and get-togethers...Read More

Turn Your Basement from Spooky to Functional!

One of the nice things about October….temperatures become much better for tackling some of those peripheral areas like your basement. Is your basement a spooky mess?  Can you find what you’re looking for when you are brave enough to venture down? Basements, when properly organized, can be valuable space...Read More

The Seasonal Wardrobe Switch….how to make it easy and effective!

Ahhh, Labor Day, that signal that our summer days are numbered and a new season is fast approaching.  This also cues up my Simplify September Special, a 3 hour organizing package for your seasonal wardrobe switch. May sound easy, but it’s really not.  An objective pair of eyes can...Read More

Take the Madness out of the Back to School Morning Rush

Excited for back to school? It’s almost here…the day moms all over have been waiting for….first day of school!!! Please check out Simplify with Eileen’s August Special….I can help create intuitive, functional systems and work flows to organize everything from backpacks to homework zones! Let’s take the madness out...Read More

Optimizing Small Spaces on Boats

Simplify with Eileen July special! Boats are small spaces with tricky storage, let me optimize the space and functionality so you can concentrate on enjoying time on the water. If you have some of your own tips, please share back with me! Meanwhile, Happy Boating! For more information on...Read More

10 Tips for Packing the Perfect Beach Bag!

It’s officially summer (finally) so let’s talk about some great tips to help you pack the perfect beach bag! There are some key essentials that, without, can make your beach outing a less than ideal experience. A great chair can be a real game changer! This one is from...Read More