10 Tips for Getting Organized This Spring

Spring has sprung! (finally!)  It’s a perfect time of year to start tackling your organizing projects and get your space in shape.  With that in mind, I wanted to share my Top 10 Tips for Getting Organized This Spring: Start Early –  Begin the process sooner than later, avoid...Read More

It’s Sentimental……I have to keep it!

Believe me, I get it…..trying to part with sentimental items is really tough. All your kid’s school work and art projects. All your grandmother’s knitting and the 20 blankets she made by hand. It’s a deeply ingrained belief that we should hold onto things that have sentimental value. The...Read More

I Can’t Get Rid of That….Someone Gave it to Me!

Here’s a typical exchange I might have with my clients when working with them to declutter and streamline their stuff and their lives: Me: Oh look, here in the back, there’s this red lacquered picture frame (empty) with “DIVA” emblazoned in rhinestones along the bottom! Them: Oh, THAT’S where...Read More

The Dump-It Room

You just got a call that your brother & his wife are going to drop by in 10 minutes and your living room is a mess!  You and your family spring into action like a well trained MASH unit: “I don’t know what to do with it but they’re...Read More

“Someday” – – There Are 7 Days In The Week and Someday Isn’t One Of Them!

Do you know any “Someday People”?  How about your husband who refuses to part with all of his high school lacrosse equipment because “Someday I’m going to get back to playing”?  Or Mom who has hung onto boxes of musty old children’s books from when you were little because “Someday when you have a baby...Read More

Does Being Disorganized Really Negatively Affect Your Health?

You’d better believe it does!  Countless studies have shown the significant effects that clutter and disorganization have on your emotional and physical well being. In my sold out June speaking engagement at a multi-Chamber of Commerce event (thank you Melrose, Stoneham, Reading-North Reading and Wakefield-Lynnfield), I showed some very...Read More

Whole Foods Presentation: How Being Organized Benefits Your Overall Wellness

The stats are out there….being cluttered and disorganized has real tangible adverse effects on your emotional and physical well being. See below here from the NY Times and WebMD – clutter increases stress & anxiety, creates germ havens, makes you late, weakens decision making skills….and much more:    ...Read More

Simplify with Eileen’s “5 – – 10 – – 20 Method” to Staying Organized!

Getting organized is one thing, and make no mistake it’s a GREAT thing, but sometimes the bigger challenge is staying organized! What’s the trick? One way I’ve found to increase your chances of keeping your newly organized space in shape is my “5 – – 10 – – 20...Read More

What To Do with Memorabilia from Events

If you’re like me, it was frustrating to try to figure out what to do with all the “stuff” you get when you do a charity walk or a 5K race with friends or even one of those obstacle course events full of mud.  They give you t-shirts, bib...Read More

Makeup – When Is It Time to Say Goodbye?

Ever wonder if that mascara at the bottom of your makeup bag is still good?  Any idea how long it’s safe to use a tube of lipstick? Do you know some tricks to extend the life of your foundation?   Makeup, creams, lotions, eyeshadow…..sometimes it feels like when you...Read More